The important lesson from the Coronavirus pandemic is: those who are healthy (no matter the age) are more likely to recover from the virus. Taking care of our bodies throughout our lives helps to prevent diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, and lung issues.

Obesity is related to all the health concerns mentioned above. Lack of exercise is related to most of them. Smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco and excessive alcoholic intake harms every organ of the body. Emotionally and mentally we are healthier when we exercise, eat right, be positive, and meditate or pray on a regular basis.

DECISION: Make a commitment to become a healthier individual.


Our world is now in a time of new beginnings. The Coronavirus has impacted each person’s life, the world economy has changed, and there is a new sense of fear of the unknown, some anger, and also a new one-ness. More kindness and love is shared, and a philosophy of we will get through this together prevails. I am optimistic that our future will be better.

There is more awareness of needs in our world and how we can respond to them. Food banks, blood donations, fixing meals for others, providing transportation, giving unused telephones, computers or tablets to those without, and check on your neighbors.

DECISION: Choose at least one way you can help another person and act upon it with love in your heart.


Author, Michael J. Giusti wrote a book titled, What to do When the Wheels Come Off. His cleverly written short proverbs bring humor and insight into the live of a disabled person and there are lessons for all of us in this short and easy-to-read book.

DECISION: Learn from others how to overcome challenges.

When we make a decision we make the choice to take a chance and thereby create a change. When we learn and become better people from our decisions, then life is richer. Our health issues, the present pandemic, and how we respond to life’s challenges are all based on the decisions we make.

21 thoughts on “DECISIONS

  1. This is a timely, important and inspiring post, Karen. Prevention is the best medicine! If we take good care of our physical and mental health we’re more likely to withstand this and any future pandemic that may come our way. Thank you! ❤ xo


    1. Our health is important for many reasons. I was taught at an early age “take care of your body throughout your life so you can get through any health crisis easier and smoother.” I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


  2. A perfect post right now, Karen:) My emotions have been all over the place, but I finding I have everything I need and don’t need all the busyness. I think some will emerge changed for the better and we learned the value of whats important, each other. Sending hugs.

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    1. And hugs to you, Denise. My busyness is different and more focused. Crocheting shawls for women in chemotherapy; writing articles for ovarian cancer; writing stories for grandchildren; and have actually bought (on line) a couple of Xmas gifts. I do believe that our lives will be better because of what we have learned.
      God bless.

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  3. How are you??? I have hardly left my apt in 5 weeks! It’s sure been a strange time in history! You and Jim are so blessed to have one another! I have my sweet dog Harley, but lost his mom a few weeks ago! She was almost fifteen and him 13! Was really hard during this pandemic! They took her with them in to emergency vet clinic and I had to wait in the car! No one allowed but sick animals! She didn’t make it, but Harley is hanging in there! He’s missing her after all this time! Are you both doing as well as can be expected!??? At least you are in good weather! It’s getting nicer here too! How is your area for the virus? Seems you are opening up soon to business! 🙏 I pray you are doing well! I’m supposed to fix a rip in my biceps tendon, but am afraid of the hospital for now! I’m trying to wait!!! Painful but tolerable for a bit more! Do you need more treatments or are you done? How’s Jim’s back? God bless you and I’ve been thinking about you! Can’t believe my sister has been gone since 2003 and daddy 2005! Both in the end of May a few days apart! What year did Norma pass?? Time goes by so quickly! Hope to hear from you! Leo has not come to BOISE to play in ages! I’ve missed seeing him! God bless, Carol Sent from my iPhone



    1. We are both doing well as far as the virus goes. Jim was admitted to the hospital early this morning. Will have his gall bladder removed sometime tomorrow. I will keep you updated. I continue to be in remission and I feel wonderful. I am most grateful.
      Stay well, Carol. We will be in touch.


  4. Indeed, Karen. These are difficult times. It feels as if the world is coming to an end. After this pandemic, and we pray that it ends soon, the world, as we know it, will not be the same. A lot of the way we do things will change. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts.


  5. I live in a country area where space is abundant. Every morning I walk and pray and consider what I need to do. Your post was the first one I read when I got home. “SOME DECISIONS COME QUICKLY AND EASILY. OTHER DECISIONS REQUIRE MORE THOUGHT, PRAYER, AND ADVICE. ENDINGS MUST COME BEFORE NEW BEGINNINGS.”

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your kindness, your love. It is more powerful than you might imagine. ♥


  6. Ok, Karen, this post is so timely and so accurate! We have to take care of our bodies, if we want them to take care of us. And I love the quote about endings and beginnings. Stay well, my dear!


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