I am pleased to have Gayle Irwin as my guest today. She is a remarkable woman who rescues animals. She will share about her first book, Rescue Road.

Gayle’s first novel, Rescue Road, a clean, sweet contemporary pet rescue romance book, is planned for publication on November 8, 2019. Forty-two-year-old Rhiann Kelly arrives in southwestern Montana to begin a new adventure. After purchasing a 1,000-acre ranch for back taxes, she begins to build her dream of creating and managing a companion animal sanctuary. A freelance writer and dog rescue transport coordinator, Rhiann re-establishes former connections and makes new ones as she starts a new chapter of her life. EMS supervisor Levi Butler looks forward to a new chapter in his own life: to operate a horse ranch on property his elderly friend, George Nelson, left him in his will. The 44-year-old has a few more years before retirement in order to fix up the property and seek out the horses he needs. After he meets Rhiann, he envisions adding a dog to the ranch. His next encounter with the independent woman, however, threatens his dream. Can Rhiann and Levi not only put their pasts behind, but also find a compromise by which neither has to give up their dream? Can their broken paths weave their hearts together as they travel the rescue road? Learn more and watch a short book trailer here:

  • Excerpt from Rescue Road, a clean, contemporary romance scheduled for release November 2019, written by Gayle M. Irwin

Rhiann stood on the porch of the mid-century ranch house. Cup of coffee in hand, she watched the blazing orange sunrise. Streamers of light cascaded on the mountains west of the property, casting a rosy glow on the rocks and patches of snow upon the higher elevation. October’s morning danced with the browning grasses of the nearby pastures as touches of frost shimmered upon tan sprigs surrounding the house. Overhead, a flock of Canada geese in traditional V formation honked as they winged their way south.

Rhiann gazed at them a moment. She whispered, “We have something in common. We’re starting over.”


            How often have I started over? How often have you? Change, dreams, purpose – those themes run through my upcoming novel, from which you just read a segment in the above paragraphs. Rescue Road is a story of second chances, for the primary characters and the rescued animals. I’m sure we all understand the need for and the value of second chances and the importance of dreaming and finding our purpose.

            As a young person, I dreamed about working with animals. After several visits to Yellowstone National Park, I set my sights on becoming a woman ranger in America’s first national park. The closest I came was serving as editor and reporter for the West Yellowstone News in West Yellowstone, Montana, through which I covered stories on wildlife, tourism, and land issues, among so many other topics. I also served for a time as a humane and conservation educator for various organizations. I’ve lived in majestic places, and I’ve shared incredible stories. Now, as a freelance writer and author, I continue to craft inspiring, educational, and engaging books and articles. My dream changed, due to many circumstances and situations, and much time passed before I found my true purpose. But, that’s okay.

            Life takes fortitude. Like curveballs from a pitcher, we’re often caught off guard to what is hurled at us. However, like that batter at home plate, we can (and should) dust ourselves off and get back in the game. We rely on our teammates (friends, family, church, writing colleagues, other survivors) for encouragement, a steady hand, and a kind heart. Yet, ultimately, we must rely on ourselves to take the next swing of the bat. Who knows–we just might hit a home run. We will never know unless we try … and try again. We must persevere.

            I may not be a lady ranger in Yellowstone, but I can, do, and have written about that unique place; the park even plays a small role in my upcoming novel. I also write about other things that are important to me, such as the rescue and adoption of companion animals. I use my writing talents to help fulfill my purpose: to inspire, encourage, educate, and entertain. My children’s books encourage kids, through the life of my pets, to live courageously, to accept differences in others, and to be kind. My upcoming novel is a romance through which I entertain readers, but the book is also a tool to educate people what pet rescues do and the importance of pet adoption. I provide information in the back of the book about organizations through which dogs and cats are rescued and can be adopted. I believe the theme of second chances also found in the storyline can encourage readers to persevere and find their own purpose in life, their own second chances.

            I’m not only a writer, but I’m also an action-taker. I support several animal rescue organizations through donations of products and money (in fact, a percentage of my book sales are ear-marked for such groups), and I volunteer time. I serve at events and as a transporter, taking animals into rescue or helping them get to their forever homes. Additionally, all my pets are rescued, adopted dogs and cats. That’s part of fulfilling my purpose. Whatever your dream, whatever your purpose, if you haven’t yet discovered it, I hope you will persevere until you do. If you have a story to share but haven’t done so, take a step of faith and be an encourager to someone who needs to hear your story. Encourage yourself and others by finding and persevering in your purpose. Lives are positively impacted when we do.

Gayle M. Irwin is an award-winning author and freelance writer, being recognized by Wyoming Writers, Inc., and the Wyoming Press Association for several of her works. She is a contributor to seven Chicken Soup for the Soul books and the author of many inspirational pet books and stories. She subtly weaves important life lessons in those accounts, including courage, perseverance, kindness, appreciation of nature, and the importance of pet rescue and adoption. She volunteers for various dog rescue and humane society organizations and donates a percentage of all book sales to such groups. Gayle currently resides in Wyoming with her husband and their adopted animals. Learn more about the author, her writing endeavors, and her pets, and receive free stories and resources by visiting her website:


  1. Thank you so much, D.L.! I appreciate you reading my guest post and planning to read my new novel. I have a free gift to give to readers, so when you purchase the book either in ebook or print (and, by the way, the ebook is on sale this week for only $1.99!), email me your receipt at or PM me on Facebook and I’ll email you the free gift! You can also download Chapter 1 of my second book in the series for FREE from website!


  2. Great to meet you here, Gayle. I share your love of animals and help where I can:) You book sounds like a good read and I added it my TBR list.


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