Where have I been? Why have I not been blogging?

  • A neck injury from an auto accident 40 years ago, has been giving me continual pain for two months, especially when I am on the computer.
  • Injections, medications, acupuncture, exercises, and manipulations have slowed its progress. Now a more aggressive and invasive treatment is on the horizon. What exactly that will entail is yet to be determined.
  • A water pipe broke underneath our house causing damage to two areas of our home. We canceled a two-week vacation trip to New England because of my severe headaches.
  • So, I am grateful for the headaches. Otherwise, we might have lost our home due to water damage!
Life can be a pain in the neck.
The average head weighs 11 pounds
The neck consists of 7 vertebrae
A giraffe with its l-o-n-g neck has the same number of vertebrae.
I wonder if it suffers from headaches?!

The bright side of this two month challenge has been the number of books I have read. One such book published by Fresh Ink Publishing is The Autumn Tree.

The Autumn Tree by Aysha Ehsan

Four young and very different individuals, Amanda, Catherine, Matheus, and Brad lives become intertwined in San Francisco. Spring brings hope and love, but can they survive the challenges of autumn?

My 5-star review: Two of the primary characters, Amanda and Catherine, lives are intertwined. Each young woman has issues that they must face and either learn from or succumb to. There are some disturbing scenes that might be upsetting to some readers. The author presents sexual, drug, discrimination, and family issues that each character needs to deal with. I loved this book, and read it quickly. Congratulations to the author for a well-written novel.

Please give Aysha your support by reading and reviewing her first novel.