Welcome to today’s blog. Once again I am sharing a short story or a flash fiction based on a photo prompt. Author, Suzanne Burke offers these challenges and everyone is welcome to participate. https://sooozburkeauthor.wordpress.com/

Based on the photo prompt below, I have written this Haiku poem. I have often thought about the journey each droplet of water takes to create our oceans, lakes, rivers, rain, and waterfalls.

Are we not each like a water droplet, sometimes a single drop that often is joined by others to form a family, community, or nation? Do we not depend on each other and yet act alone? Like water, we might become stormy and angry causing destruction or hurt. Or we are the calming presence for someone in a time of trouble.

Some waterdrops form ice crystals and become sleet or hail. Fog is the condensation of water molecules that hang in the air. Mist is a cluster of tiny droplets suspended in the atmosphere. (Courtesy of National Geographic)

Some people are crusty and hard, often hurting people with words or actions (hail). Foggy people do not reveal their true selves and it is difficult to have a relationship with them. There are those of us who are shy and withdrawn and as the mist, they are difficult to see or communicate with.

A waterfall is one of the most beautiful ways the accumulation of water droplets is displayed. They are powerful whether high or short. When we humans gather together for a common purpose, we are also powerful no matter the size of our group. We are as beautiful as any waterfall when our purpose is one of love.

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