The main reason: It’s NATIONAL GYNECOLOGIC CANCER MONTH! Each day I will share two things: a photo from that day’s walk and an important fact.

Teal Takeover is our local campaign to raise funds for research and awareness. I invite you to walk or run a 5K with me. Join my team, make a donation, and let’s go! My team is called the Outshiners, because we are going to outshine any challenge we face, even cancer. Here is my link:

Today, I am officially starting my walk…and it will be a mile each day. At 81, I am proud to be able to walk that far!!! A beautiful sunrise to start my day.

The more you know about gynecologic cancers, the better! Day 1 facts:

  • Vaginal, Cervical, Uterine (Endometrial), Ovarian, and Vulvar are the 5 major types.
  • Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD), Primary Peritoneal Cancer, and Fallopian are three rare types.

Join me each day as we learn about gynecologic cancers and the reproductive system. Be a part of my team!