On my walk this morning, I thought about the two words: gynecologic and reproductive. The first one is a “mouthful” and is not well understood by many women. Reproductive is the potential for the creation of new life.

Gynecology refers to the branch of physiology and medicine that deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system. EVERYTHING BELOW THE WAIST AND ABOVE THE THIGHS!

Did you know that the egg and sperm meet in one of the fallopian tubes? That is where feertilization occurs…the beginning of life.

The pelvic cavity contains all the reproductive organs mentioned above in addition to the bladder, ureters, sigmoid colon, rectum, and anus plus major arteries, vessels, nerves, and veins.

We must educate our daughters and granddaughters about the invaluable, beautiful, and sacred part of the body below the belt.

The female body was designed as a source of pleasure, fertility, movement, strength, and well-being.” (Christine Northrup)

Teal Takeover is an opportunity for each of you to learn about with this sacred area of the body. Tell Every Amazing Lady. Help spread the knowledge: