• It affects 1-270 people around the world.
  • A complex brain disorder.
  • Affects social, behavior, and communication.

My book, Learning About Autism: One Mother’s Journey of Discovery and Love, is available on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, and signed copies are available from the author. This book tells the story of Carol Tucker, who started the first charter school for autism in the state of Florida. She dedicated her life to helping children and adults with autism and other learning disorders.


Carol began her quest for Justin which continues to this day

She recognized Justin’s autism before his physicians or social workers. She saw that there was more to that young child than other professionals did. Carol was always seeking the newest information about conditions, behaviors, treatments, and therapies for both boys.

Teaching is in her blood. Her aptitude to teach, interact, and help any handicapped child or adult is remarkable. Her assertiveness and self-confidence led to Justin’s admission to the Morning Star Catholic School. She fought for improved classrooms and developed behavior plans and teaching methods.

Carol’s many gifts came together with the planning, development, and survival of the Princeton House Charter School (PHCS). Her leadership skills proved invaluable with the start and continued growth of this school as one of its founders and Director. Being a leader requires integrity, honesty, communication, and empathy. Carol used those attributes when in contact with various government agencies, public and private officials, and those parents with special needs children.


  • This book is both a resource and an eyeopener. Challenging, heartwarming, and true.
  • This is a great book that I recommend for those looking for advice and those who want to be inspired and understand.
  • The love and care this book represents are so amazing! Carol and her family have done amazing things for the special needs children they have come across in their lifetime. 

Carol Tucker, had requested that ALL PROCEEDS GO TO GYNECOLOGICAL CANCER RESEARCH. Unfortunately, Ms. Tucker passed away from ovarian cancer in October 2022.

Thank you for your support and interest in autism.