This time of year brings to mind joy, family, and giving. Unfortunately, for some people, it also can bring sadness, loneliness, and greed. Here are five practices to create an abundant life all year.


When we are grateful it expands our life into one of joy, kindness, and openness. It opens our hearts. We see life through sunshine rather than clouds. Our mind shifts from negativity. We speak with love and compassion.


As we give so shall we receive. There is nothing wrong with wanting something as long as it comes from the heart. When we receive something as simple as a compliment, it lifts our spirit. Receiving is not about the newest gadget, toy, or article of clothing. It is about receiving gifts from the heart or soul.


An important lesson many of us must learn is to accept or recognize what a situation might be. It does not mean you agree with it. It means that once we accept, then we can choose to change. For example, once I accepted the fact that I had cancer, I chose to live with a renewed purpose of helping others with cancer and advocate for awareness and raise money for research.


Making a commitment to a person or a cause opens us up to success and joy. We will set goals, establish methods, and surround ourselves with others of like minds. Commitment comes from the mind. We must have positive thoughts and believe in our ultimate goal. Frustration or negative thoughts can be changed through the practice of meditation, using imagery by seeing ourselves succeeding, and seeking support from others.


When we express our passion or our commitment, we open ourselves to abundance. It is a success based on how we live with grace, how we give and receive, accept, and commit. A favorite expression is doing the right thing for ourselves and others. Only then will we have abundance and grace.

May the blessings and the true meaning of the Thanksgiving season be with you.