No, I’m not Arnold Schwarzenegger, who as a cyborg assassinator, declared “I’ll be back.” He retuned again and again.

Nor am I General Douglas MacArthur, who promised the people of the Philippines that he would return, which he did two years later.

Napoleon Bonaparte promised his friends and followers he would return to France after being exiled on the Isle of Elba for ten months...and he did return. No, I am not him.



I have been working long and hard on a manuscript, therefore many things were put aside. Unfortunately, my blog was one such activity that went to the “to do” list, but rarely got done.

I was neglectful in supporting my fellow authors, my cancer sisters and care partners, nor have I promoted social causes and events.

My time and energy with my family has not always been there. Time with friends has been less.

The manuscript is now with the publisher (FRESH INK GROUP).

There will be more announcements about the new book coming out soon. It is a biography about a remarkable woman and her two adopted sons who have special needs.

The key words are: Autism Spectrum Disorder, adoption, charter school for autism, miracles, amazing brain, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and exceptional parents.

My thanks to each of you for your support, patience, and understanding. I am here for you, my followers. I am here for you, my fellow authors. I am here for you, my cancer sisters and brothers. I am here for you, my family and friends. I’M BACK!