KAREN ZEMPOLICH, MD, a gynecologic cancer physician in Utah, named her practice, the Monarch Woman’s Cancer Center. “Women who have cancer are very much like a butterfly; they start out vulnerable and worried about whether they are going to survive the journey,” says Zempolich. “In this way, they are cocoon-like – emotionally and physically.”

Monarch butterflies travel to Mexico every year. According to the U.S. Forest Services, some travel as far as 3,000 miles to reach their winter destination, even though they have never been to that country before.

“I feel the name really captures what we do when we help a woman; not only to treat their cancer but live through it and move on,” Zempolich explains. “We work to fight the cancer together, with the vision that they will emerge as the strong, beautiful butterfly they have within them all along.”

I saw this monarch butterfly in my garden a few weeks ago. Their beauty, their lives, and their journeys are an inspiration to everyone. Let’s be like a butterfly as we face our challenges of cancer…be strong, resilient, and fighters.