My grandmother introduced me to books when I was a little girl. Her small apartment was filled with books which she called her friends. She always asked me what I learned from the story. Reading stories with the mindset of “what am I learning?” was very helpful in making decisions throughout my life.

D.L. Finn’s poetry in Just Her Poetry Seasons of a Soul is a book I read in 2019. However, because it was so beautiful and powerful even now I often open the pages randomly and gain some peace and joy.

In this short story, Mountain Laurel Christmas, the lesson that fame and fortune do not bring happiness is taught. The author, Jan Sikes, brings the important message that only family can fill a heart with love.

Is money the answer to happiness? When it comes to love, do age differences matter? These are questions central to the short story I’ll Be Right Back, by Maura Beth Brennan.

No Such Luck, by Staci Troilo, is a story of a young woman who returns to her hometown after a significant absence. A short story with a powerful message of the importance of choices, people, and events from which we can learn.

Happy Reading! May each book enrich your life.


My Tanka poem about thankfulness.

  A hand reaches out
A mystical light surrounds
One's heart soars with love
Touching, embracing, filling
Lifting, teaching,and guiding.

For me, this day is about “Giving Thanks Day” rather than Thanksgiving Day. Today, I celebrate my family, friends, acquaintances, physicians, nurses, teachers, and even strangers, who have touched my life. I give thanks to each who has been with me on my path: leading, following, lifting, encouraging, and helping me. To each of you who read and follow my blogs, “thank you”.

Let’s give thanks at every opportunity, every day.


Yesterday, I received a very special certificate for my oustanding performance. The certificate stated:
                                           "ONE ATAWAYTOGO"
One doaen "atawaytogos" qualifies you as a leader. Work overtime with a smile, explain assorted problems to the clueless, and be looked upon as a local hero without a raise in pay.

                                                                          Stan Hamerski 

I received this prestigious award because of the following personal health and home issues (challenges): serious and long-lasting headaches, canceled a long-anticipated trip to New England, and broken water pipe damaging floors in two rooms.

All these issues occured in a month’s time, and still counting. Our home is still turned upside-down waiting for repairs to begin. Headaches have been gone for 2 weeks, but the doctor questions if I might need a more aggressive treatment. AND, our car broke down and it took 3 days to figure out there was nothing wrong with it. Possibly a large bubble in the fuel caused it to stop in the middle of the road. Plus, the shower handle decided it wanted some attention: it will only move to “scalding” or “freezing.” Just one more pit in our “life is like a bowl of cherries.”

courtesy of Pinterest

Some people will allow anger, depression, jealousy, or other negative emotions become their choice of reactions. Laughter is one of my methods healthy ways to cope.

  • You should see my new style of interior decorating.
  • It is too early to do spring cleaning!
  • What kind of battery do you need when your car breaks down? TRIPLE A
  • What does a farmer call his headaches? MY-GRAINS

The “ATTAWAYTOGO” certificate brought a smile and a giggle. I will proudly display it when I can make my way through the maze of boxes, bags, and stuff to space on a wall or my desk.