JUSTIN TUCKER has a deep fascination about balloons. He smiles, points up towards them, and sometimes laughter comes from his speechless voice.

In my new book, “Learning About Autism: One Mother’s Journey of Discovery and Love,” the reader will meet Justin whose life has been one challenge after another. Yet, the more love was given to him, the more he rose above the limitations of autism and cerebral palsy.

My tribute to Justin:

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Thank you for your support. The more we learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder, the more understanding, acceptance, and resources will come about.






The important lesson from the Coronavirus pandemic is: those who are healthy (no matter the age) are more likely to recover from the virus. Taking care of our bodies throughout our lives helps to prevent diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, and lung issues.

Obesity is related to all the health concerns mentioned above. Lack of exercise is related to most of them. Smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco and excessive alcoholic intake harms every organ of the body. Emotionally and mentally we are healthier when we exercise, eat right, be positive, and meditate or pray on a regular basis.

DECISION: Make a commitment to become a healthier individual.


Our world is now in a time of new beginnings. The Coronavirus has impacted each person’s life, the world economy has changed, and there is a new sense of fear of the unknown, some anger, and also a new one-ness. More kindness and love is shared, and a philosophy of we will get through this together prevails. I am optimistic that our future will be better.

There is more awareness of needs in our world and how we can respond to them. Food banks, blood donations, fixing meals for others, providing transportation, giving unused telephones, computers or tablets to those without, and check on your neighbors.

DECISION: Choose at least one way you can help another person and act upon it with love in your heart.


Author, Michael J. Giusti wrote a book titled, What to do When the Wheels Come Off. His cleverly written short proverbs bring humor and insight into the live of a disabled person and there are lessons for all of us in this short and easy-to-read book.

DECISION: Learn from others how to overcome challenges.

When we make a decision we make the choice to take a chance and thereby create a change. When we learn and become better people from our decisions, then life is richer. Our health issues, the present pandemic, and how we respond to life’s challenges are all based on the decisions we make.


There are three types of storms I have faced. For the past week, I have been facing the potential life-threatening threat from Hurricane Dorian. As I write this, the eye of the storm is 145 miles east of us and 100 miles east of Daytona Beach. We will not know the effects of it until the sun comes up, and it has moved further north.

A different storm has come into my life three times: ovarian cancer. September is National Ovarian Cancer Month so it is appropriate for me to promote awareness which can be diagnosed in any female of any age IF she has ovaries: reported cases of infants, preteens, teenagers, young and old women.

Know the symptoms: bloating, abdominal or pelvic pain, change in bowels or urine, change in appetite, extreme fatigue, painful intercourse to name a few. Listen to your body and go see your gynecologist.

My award-winning book, Outshine is about the first few years of my journey with ovarian cancer. It is a book for anyone who is facing the storm of any cancer or life-threatening illness. It has been called a book of hope and inspiration. The theme of the book is the beauty of the soul, the real me and the real you, outshine the effects of cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Available at Amazon:
All proceeds go to ovarian cancer research.

Storms of life can and will be a part of anyone’s life. Sometimes the storms are reflections of how we live or think about ourselves, personal events, and our faith. In the book Keep Yourself Full by Yecheilyah Ysrayl, the reader learns ways to be more contented, stronger, and wiser. Its message is self-love. This is a book that can help anyone face their personal storms.

Available at Amazon:

My prayers are for all those who suffered from Hurricane Dorian, especially in the Bahamas. I am grateful for what I have learned and the people I have met through my eleven years of living with ovarian cancer. I applaud Ms. Ysrayl for writing about how she continues to rise above her personal storms.