Books take me to places imaginary and real. To promote awareness, I wear ribbons and bracelets of teal. Time is ever-changing. It challenges me to live with each day with zeal. (Karen Ingalls. 2019)

Teal is the color for ovarian cancer just as pink is the color for breast cancer, and purple for all cancers. Cancer ribbons all began with the song, Tie a Yellow Ribbon by the Old Oak Tree popularized by Tony Orlando in the 1970s. The yellow ribbon was started by Penelope Laingen, who tied a yellow ribbon around an oak tree as a symbolic act for the return of her husband who was an Iranian hostage. In 1992, the first health ribbon introduced was a red ribbon symbolizing AIDs, and then in that same year, a pink ribbon for breast cancer was promoted by the Susan B. Komen organization. The teal ribbon is for ovarian cancer.

Why are the many ribbons important and so popular? For the simple reason, they bring awareness about any health or social issue. Societies advance, treatments and cures for diseases are researched, laws are passed to protect, funds are raised, and people are informed.

Thoughts of what to do with time remaining became known as the bucket list. It was popularized in a movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Once I came to the acceptance part of my cancer diagnosis, my husband and I put together our bucket list.

We have done a lot of traveling: Costa Rica, Caribbean cruises, Great Britain, a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, France, Spain, Alaska, Hawaii, and now to Italy for three weeks. We can check that off of our bucket list!

I have been blessed to live 78 years which equals 28,000+ days, 683,000+ hours, and 40, 996, 800+ minutes. I look back at how I have lived these 78 years and I look forward to each moment I have in the future. The clock never stops ticking, but we choose how to live each moment. Hopefully, we will fill each minute with a purpose such as supporting an important cause, follow our dreams and passions and make each moment count.

Love of self and others is an important key for any health or social issue. Having dreams and pursuing them fills one’s life with joy and fond memories. My motto: Live the moment!