The recent storm, hurricane Ian, left devastation to many. Lost property, loss of lives, and large economic impact.

So many homes lost...where will the people go?
Dreams to rebuild them? to safely travel by car?
Food, clothing, basic possessions to replace
Family photos and momentoes...irreplacable!



Thank you for your help and your prayers.

12 thoughts on “AFTER HURRICANE IAN

  1. The destruction is devastating, Karen. The news shares so many images of people who’ve lost everything. My heart goes out to them all. Thanks for sharing links for a number of ways we can help from afar. Stay safe and be well.


    1. The amount of help (supplies, homes, medications, and prayers) is staggering. However, to see neighbors not helping neighbors, but total strangers is one of the beautiful things that comes from such tragic events. Thank you, John.

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    1. There is not an area on this globe that cannot have some kind of natural disaster. With that said, it does not make it any easier. Prayers are needed and absolutely do help. Thank you, Jan.


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