The last three days of September are a mixture of uncertainty and joy. Hurricane (Himicane) Ian is creating a large amount of uncertainty and it has yet to reach land here in Florida. The different models are now in agreement it will land in Florida, but exactly where is unknown.

Regardless of where “he” comes ashore, “he” is going to create havoc throughout most of the state. I think of the 3 pigs and the big bad wolf. The one pig had a house made of straw, the second one made of sticks, and the third pig’s house was made of bricks. Just as in real life, the wolf is portrayed as a hurricane that will blow down those homes that are not as sturdy. Flooding and storm surges are a threat to any house, and tornadoes that are within the hurricane can destroy even the “brick homes,” but less likely.

My joy in September is the beautiful support people have given as they have learned more about gynecologic cancers. On Monday I received a call from a friend whose cousin was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This lady is an RN and has worked in hospice for many years, but did not know about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. This is the very reason why I (and others) work so hard to get the message out.

My deepest thanks to each of you who read my blogs, donated to my “Teal Takeover” fundraiser, and forwarded the information to your friends and family members.

Let’s be like the pig who built a house made of bricks: he educated himself to know how best to protect himself. We need to do everything we can to protect ourselves from the storms of life and share our knowledge with others.


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