Do you sometimes say to yourself:

If only I had not worked so much…If only I had been a better parent or better child…If only I had tried more things or taken risks…If only I had spent more time with loved ones…If only I had pursued my dreams…If only I had taken better care of myself…If only I had done more to help others…

As we travel through life how many times have we bypassed opportunities, were not in a kind or generous mood, or abused our health? Leave “if only’s” behind and keep moving forward.

  • Do not be afraid to open doors, at least peek inside or perhaps walk through them.
  • Look at each moment as an opportunity to do or say something nice or helpful.
  • Your body is the only one you will have, so cherish and nurture it. What you do today may well determine your health for tomorrow.
  • People come into your life for a reason, whether family or friends. Learn from them, love them, and let them love and teach you.
  • There are always risks to any decision or action, take the risk and learn from it.

The hardest thing and the right thing are often the same. (Isaac Slade)

Move forward with love, and forgiveness, and you will learn and grow. YOU WILL LEAVE “IF ONLY” BEHIND.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I welcome your comments.

11 thoughts on “IF ONLY I….

  1. I’ve given up the “if only” and try to remain in the present as much as possible. I attempt to bring as many with me as I can. Wonderful post and advice, Karen xo


  2. I think it’s so easy for us to “if only” our way through life because hindsight is 20/20 but the future is impossible to see, and we like to dwell on the known rather than the unknown. Your post was an excellent reminder to stop punishing ourselves for what was (or wasn’t) and move on. Thank you, Karen.


  3. A beautiful inspiring post, Karen. I love the poem and love the line about not being afraid to open doors, peek in, or even walk inside. Thank you for sharing!


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