Question: What do the Arctic Ocean, submarines, and a book have in common?

Answer: An exciting and interesting book by Robert Williscroft titled Operation Ice Breaker: A Mac McDowell Mission, which takes place in the Arctic Ocean aboard a submarine.

  • The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of the five oceans.
  • It is approximately centered on the North Pole.
  • The deepest sounding obtained in Arctic waters is 18,050 feet, but the average depth is only 3,240 feet.
  • Polar bears live and hunt on the polar ice.
  • It is almost completely surrounded by the Northern Hemisphere and parts of Eurasia. (
  • 1578 William Bourne, a British mathematician and writer on naval subjects was the first to propose a completely enclosed boat  that could be submerged and rowed underwater. 
  • Between 1620 and 1624, Cornelis Drebbel, a Dutch inventor,successfully maneuvered his craft at depths of from 12 to 15 feet beneath the surface of the Thames River.
  • During the American Revolution, the submarine was used for the first time as an offensive weapon.
  • (

My 5-Star Review: This was the first of Robert Williscroft’s books I have read. It will not be the last. I learned a lot about life aboard a submarine, the diving maneuvers, and the personalities required to live and work on a sub for extended periods of time. I highly recommend this book.

Robert Williscroft Author Page: Dr. Robert G. Williscroft is a retired submarine officer, deep-sea and saturation diver, scientist, author of numerous books and hundreds of articles, and a lifelong adventurer. He spent 22 months underwater, a year in the equatorial Pacific, three years in the Arctic ice pack, and a year at the Geographic South Pole. He holds degrees in Marine Physics and Meteorology, and a doctorate for developing a system to protect SCUBA divers in contaminated water.

This is a well-written book by an expert in the area of submarines, diving, and geology.


  1. Thank you for sharing your review, Karen! I love the facts & history you’ve shared too. It’s always interesting to see someone’s own life experiences put into a fictional tale. Another for the TBR list!


  2. Thank you for sharing your review, Karen. I’ll definitely pick up his book. I’ve studied the Arctic Circle and its value to the world, so I’m immediately attracted to The Arctic Ocean: Operation Icebreaker. Congratulations to Robert!


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