If you were to create a quilt with each patch representing your life, what would it look like? Would you have the patches represent the lows as well as the highs of your life? Would it show mistakes or failures? What colors would you choose? Would you include lessons you learned, role models who influenced you, or life-changing events?

My life quilt’s background is of many colors. My patches include a central patch with a heart representing my wonderful husband. I have a square of just black, which represents the child abuse. It is small now though it was quite large earlier in life. There are squares for my 3 sons, 8 grandchildren, and 1 for my great grandson. I danced (not always smoothly or easily) through the storm of cancer. Earning my master’s degree was an important goal that impacted my career. Aunt Arleigh has always been an inspiration and there for me. The four stars represent steps in my growing faith and spiritual path from childhood to now.

Writing this blog stimulated my imagination and many memories. Have you begun to design the quilt of your life? I encourage you to do so because it will put your life in perspective, give you a symbolic way to look at it, and for others to perhaps learn something new about you. Just know you can always add or take off a patch. No matter what, the quilt is YOU; that special gift from God.

23 thoughts on “YOUR LIFE’S QUILT

  1. I absolutely love this idea, Karen. It’s such a beautiful thing! I need to think on mine and see what I come up with. I’ll report back!! ❀


  2. This a a great idea Karen. I would love to focus on the lessons and things that brought me joy even following trying times.


  3. What a beautiful thought, Karen. My quilt would be a WIP as live continues to give me incredible moments I’d want to keep. Thank you for sharing your quilt with us!


    1. This is one of many quilts I have made (using paper and markers or computer imaging). My life has changed so much and I try to capture as many events and people as I can with each quilt. It is WIP.


  4. What a lovely and wonderful idea, Karen! I liked it to represent many parts of the significance of your life. I don’t quilt. I stopped sewing and stitching years ago because of my schedule. The last things I sewed were my daughter’s costumes for many occasions. ❀


    1. I have not made a “real” quilt. Have made my life’s quilts with color markers and paper originally. Now I make them on the computer. I gain insight into who I am now and the progression of my life’s lessons and achievements. Thank you for sharing.


      1. Oh, Karen, I think what you did is wonderful. As far as colors, I can see my favorite colors changed over the different stages of my life. I don’t know if it’s a reflection of the fashion or the way I feel about life.


  5. I love this post, Karen. The movement and sequencing, the emotion, all brilliant! When I was a child, my mom was part of a quilting group through a local church. I have several beautiful quilts that I adore because they are part of me. Thank you for this lovely reflection. πŸ’—

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    1. I’m glad you love the idea of a life’s quilt. I made my first one some forty years ago in one of my graduate classes. It is a project I have repeated several times and found it to be very enlightening.


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