Did 2021 really just end? Or, has my mind just gone a little crazy? What a year it has been with broken pipes, migraine headaches, canceled trips, a newly published book, untimely deaths, graduations, fishing, shelling, beach walks, time with family, good health, AND friends like you.


  • Make plans but be prepared to cancel or postpone
  • Research what is being said from the government down to your doctor and pharmacist.
  • Live each moment to its fullest.
  • Appreciate the wonderful Florida weather…even the humidity.
  • Reach out to friends and strangers in need.
  • Keep writing despite vision issues…dictate your stories, blogs, etc.
  • Clean out the cupboards, closets, and donate to those in need.

Here are two music videos that will lift your spirits, give you hope, and fill your heart with love.


Wishing you each a blessed 2022.

11 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED?!

  1. Wonderful pist and things to take from the last year. There were definitely a lot of lessons to be learned. Happy New Year! Xo


  2. It has indeed been a crazy year and one of lessons, Karen. I loved your photo and poem. Definitely thoughts to meditate upon. Your lessons learned list was also one I found insightful.

    Thanks for sharing the music vids, too. I love both of those songs as performed by those artists.
    Happy New Year. Wishing you a healthy and blessed 2022!


    1. Thank you, Mae, for your comments. I believe that we each have two purposes: one is to love and the second one is to learn from everyday events (positive and negative). Those two music selections exemplify my philosophy of life. Wishing you a blessed 2022.

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  3. Thank you, dear Karen, for this lovely post. I love your lessons learned and whenever I get down by life, I turn to Louis Armstrong and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole to re-find joy. What big hearts they had! 💗 I hope this New Year blesses you and all of us with greater freedom, deeper peace, and abundant joy. 🤗


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