Yesterday, I received a very special certificate for my oustanding performance. The certificate stated:
                                           "ONE ATAWAYTOGO"
One doaen "atawaytogos" qualifies you as a leader. Work overtime with a smile, explain assorted problems to the clueless, and be looked upon as a local hero without a raise in pay.

                                                                          Stan Hamerski 

I received this prestigious award because of the following personal health and home issues (challenges): serious and long-lasting headaches, canceled a long-anticipated trip to New England, and broken water pipe damaging floors in two rooms.

All these issues occured in a month’s time, and still counting. Our home is still turned upside-down waiting for repairs to begin. Headaches have been gone for 2 weeks, but the doctor questions if I might need a more aggressive treatment. AND, our car broke down and it took 3 days to figure out there was nothing wrong with it. Possibly a large bubble in the fuel caused it to stop in the middle of the road. Plus, the shower handle decided it wanted some attention: it will only move to “scalding” or “freezing.” Just one more pit in our “life is like a bowl of cherries.”

courtesy of Pinterest

Some people will allow anger, depression, jealousy, or other negative emotions become their choice of reactions. Laughter is one of my methods healthy ways to cope.

  • You should see my new style of interior decorating.
  • It is too early to do spring cleaning!
  • What kind of battery do you need when your car breaks down? TRIPLE A
  • What does a farmer call his headaches? MY-GRAINS

The “ATTAWAYTOGO” certificate brought a smile and a giggle. I will proudly display it when I can make my way through the maze of boxes, bags, and stuff to space on a wall or my desk.

20 thoughts on “A CERTIFICATE!

  1. Your life surely is filled with cherries to the brim, Karen. I know, anger, depression, pulling the hair won’t drive all the stuff away. You surely had more than your share. In addition to you you had, your car broke down. It could have been stressed out but, well, took three days to find out nothing major was wrong. That was kind of a break. You deserve all kind of award. I’m so glad you could laugh about them. Take care!


    1. The car just stopped without any warning. Fortunately, I was on our quiet neighborhood street so I was not in any danger. If that had happened on a major highway, it could have been far worse with cars crashing into me. My life is a bowl of cherries and the pits are disappearing.


  2. That is a lot at once, Karen! That is the perfect award and I agree that laughter is the better response. Sending hugs xo


  3. If I had the authority, I’d award you an “ATTAWAYTOGO” certificate, too. It sounds like you deserve several!

    I’m sorry for all you’re dealing with, but I love your attitude about it. Praying things improve quickly.


  4. *Karen,* *A Certificate well deserved and **suitable for framing. * *Congrats!* *S.*

    On Thu, Nov 4, 2021 at 6:53 AM KAREN INGALLS, AUTHOR, BLOGGER & SURVIVOR wrote:

    > karenringalls posted: ” Yesterday, I received a very special certificate > for my oustanding performance. The certificate stated: “ONE ATAWAYTOGO” One > doaen “atawaytogos” qualifies you as a leader. Work overtime with a smile, > explain” >


  5. What a fun award, Karen! It does make you step back and look at things a little differently. When our house flooded, we lived in-out of hotels/motels/timeshares for four months. I finally decided that if it didn’t fit in a suitcase, it wasn’t worth having. 😁 Life has interesting ways of teaching us about basic truths, doesn’t it? I’m hoping you are feeling fantastic and also hoping you’ve got a great contractor. Oh, the stories I could share on that one! 💗 🤗


    1. The important lesson from all this: it is just stuff, inconvenience, and “craziness”. We are fine and life is going on…just in a new way. Big lessons were and are still being learned.


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