What does a werewolf and a tree fairy have in common? 
They are both imaginary beings. One is frightening and a killer, while the tree fairies are kind and loving.

What do full moons and land developers have in common?
They are both real. They both bring out reactions from us mortals. The full moon can affect negative behavior in some people. Our reactions to land developers differ depending on whether the new homes or businesses are to our financial advantage, or if it means destroying our enjoyment of the peaceful nature of our forests.

Lunar Boogies is the fourth book in a series by author, C.S. Boyack. It centers around the escapades of Lizzie St.Laurent and her magical hat. In this story, the pair’s adventure is stopping a serial killer, which turns out to be a werewolf. There is humor, tragedy, and interesting characters. Each of the victims personalities and life styles added to the story. Joe, the policeman and his eternally departed wife, Meg, were a favorite part of the read with their touching dialogue. The various personalities of the band members Lizzie did gigs with added new dimensions to the plot. The relationship with her parents brought a deeper understanding of Lizzie.

My 5-star review:

Lizzie and her magical and trustworthy hat are on a mission to find the serial killer. The murders happen during the full moon which leads them to believe the killer is a werewolf or someone who is impersonating one. The hat changes as occasions arise to help capture the monster. The communications between Lizzie and her hat are sometimes whimsical, serious, or argumentative. The dialogue is as if they were two humans having a conversation.

Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories by D.L. Finn is a serious story told in a heartwarming and informative way. Through the children, Danny and Colette Burns, and their parents the reader learns about the challenges of the forests as mankind continues in its program of deforestation. Though this is a children’s book, it is definitely for any age. It is a book of four short stories, separate but connected through the eyes of the family members and the fairies that live in the forests.

My 4-star review:

If one loves fantasy, tales, magic, and the world of imagination, then this is the book to read. Though it was written as a children’s book, I read it with my 80-year-old eyes and brain, enjoying every page. Are there fairies? I hope so…I want to think so. This story takes place in a redwood forest and is about how two children try to save it from destruction. The message is a powerful one from which we humans can all learn.

These are two books quite different yet also similar. They will challenge your imagination, bring a smile to your face, and even a frown or grimace. Each book is well worth your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good read. Your reviews will be appreciated by the authors.


  1. I’ve read a couple of Lizzie and the Hat books, Karen, and enjoyed them. Craig has a wild imagination. And I enjoyed Denise’s tree fairies. You drew a clever link between them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats to both authors for your wonderful reviews on their books.

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  2. Karen, these were wonderful reviews. I’ve read all of Craig’s Lizzie and the Hat books, but Lunar Boogie is my favorite. I also found Denise’s Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories wonderfully magical and enchanting. Congrats to both authors, and many thanks for sharing your reviews!

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  3. Thanks for taking the time to write such thoughtful reviews, Karen. I enjoy Craig’s Hat series, and while I don’t have children to read Denise’s story to, I’ll have a granddaughter soon, and when she’s old enough, this one will be on this list.

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    1. Staci, I have read two of the Hat series books and enjoyed them both. Denise’s book about tree fairies is for older children who are of the age they can read on their own. Congratulations on your soon-to-be grandchild.

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