The magic of a magnifying glass brings blurred words to sizes that I can see. My macular degeneration is the reason that I now carry a smaller magnifying glass in my purse, and I keep the larger one on my desk. Even though my physical eyesight is deteriorating, my ability to “see” people and my world is as great as ever.

There is the saying that the eyes are the windows to your soul. This has been attributed to the Bible, Shakespeare, DaVinci, and others, but where the quote comes from is irrelevant. Its message is powerful and I believe accurate. When we look someone in the eye with our hearts open, we truly see them.

Upon meeting Justin Tucker, I saw in his eyes a very special person. There is far more to this young man than his physical body shows. He came to this earth with all odds against him. Upon meeting the Tucker’s for the first time, he “saw” two people who he was meant to learn from. He also would teach them. Yes, he opened their eyes to a world of adoption, cerebral palsy, and autism.

Here is the link to the book launch presentation for Learning About Autism: One Mother’s Journey of Discovery & Love.

I invite you to share how you “see” people and the world you live in. Do you see the real person when you look in his/her eyes? Have your eyes been opened to a better understanding of people, events, or causes?


  1. Karen, I’m sorry about the macular degeneration you’re suffering. I can relate to the magnifying glass reference. My MIL had an “eye stroke” a few months ago that has left her blind in one eye. She’s 90, and now relies on a magnifying glass for so much.

    Justin Tucker sounds like a very special individual. I believe we see with our soul more than our eyes.


    1. Mae, I am glad to say that modern medicine has slowed the progression of my Macular Degeneration. I still play golf and my friends gladly help me find my ball, the computer allows me to easily enlarge fonts, and of course, the magnifying glass.
      We all have challenges and M.D. is one of mine. All a person has to do is think of Justin, and become inspired to overcome any obstacle.

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  2. Beautiful and soul-full, Karen. I’m so sorry about your eyesight, but your heart-sight is stronger than ever. Big hugs.πŸ’—


  3. Sorry you are dealing with macular degeneration, Karen. Glad the magnifying glass helps you. I agree we can see a lot in a person’s eyes, and that’s where I look for their soul. You can also see them in words and I can’t wait to read your book. Have a great week, Karen xo

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