Tears trickle downward
Good-byes are never easy
Some tears come from joy
When great news is shared by all
Tears are cleansing and healing.

A teardrop is a salty fluid made up of protein, water, mucus, and oil released by the lacrimal gland. It is 1% liquid and 99% feelings.

Two books I have read recently brought tears to my eyes.

The first one is titled: “The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon” by Marcha J. Fox and Pete Risingsun. It is a story of love, hate, greed, ancient traditions, respect of nature, and murder.

A 5-star review:

The book may be long, but the fascinating story kept me turning the pages. The storyline centers around the murder of Sara's husband, her search for answers, and the traditions, and beliefs of the Cheyenne people. Capitalistic greed and environmental issues are central parts of the plot.
It is well-written with beautiful landscape descriptions, believable characters, and historical facts. I often was totally immersed in the characters, Sara and Charlie, experiencing all their emotions.
I am looking forward to the next book from these two fine authors.

Award-winning author, Jan Sikes, wrote a charming and touching story with a powerful message. I love horses and have had the honor and pleasure of having them to ride and care for in my younger years. They are majestic, strong, smart, and faithful to those who treat them well. Satin and Cinders is a tender love story brought tears of sadness, hope, and joy.

A 5-star review:

This short story about two horses is one that any human can relate to. The main two messages are: love knows no boundaries and the lessons to be learned are not always easy.
The author, Jan Sikes, has beautifully written a story about two horses. They are different, yet their love is deep.
This short story touched me deeply. It brought forth memories about love, finding my soulmate, and finding my soulmate.

No matter the reason one might shed tears it is healthy to release them. The tears are beneficial physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are 3 types of tears: the reflex which brings forth a tear when a dust particle or insect flies into the eye. The eye reacts by producing water to flush out the unwanted particle or insect. A basal tear is what protects our eyes from dryness. The third type is the emotional tear which is released during stress. Traces of the stress-releasing hormone, endorphin, is found in minute amounts.

So, as Julie London sang many years ago, Cry Me a River, then I also encourage you to feel free to let your emotions be released through tears.

23 thoughts on “TEARS: SADNESS OR JOY

  1. Oh, thank you, Karen, for your beautiful review of Satin & Cinders! I am so happy you enjoyed the very short story and that you got the message loud and clear. I have The Curse of Deadhorse Canyon waiting for me on my Kindle and look forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! And I loved your poem!

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    1. Ms. Jan, you are most welcome. I am always happy to promote a good book and/or author. I know you will enjoy reading The Curse of Deadhorse Canyon. I’m sorry I missed your Podcast on FreshInk last week, but I plan to listen to it since it is still available.

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  2. Both fantastic reads, Karen! I love when stories evoke so much emotion that it spills over in life. Wonderful poem to start it off too. Xo

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  3. I’ve heard really good things about Deadhorse Canyon, Karen. It sounds excellent.
    And I thought I had read all of Jan’s books, but somehow I missed Satin and Cinders. Off to Amazon to grab a copy now!

    Beautiful poem at the top, too., and I loved listening to Julie London sing.

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      1. I remember when I was a kid watching Emergency! and she played Nurse Dixie McCall. My mom told me that she and Bobby Troupe (also in the show) used to be a duo. I think maybe they were married in real life, too???

        Looking forward to the reads!


      2. Your memory of Julie London and Bobby Troupe are the same as mine. I had forgotten that she was married to Jack Webb first for 7 years. She died one year in 2000 after Bobby died (1999).

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