VASHTI QUIROZ-VEGA has written three books about good versus evil. The first in the trilogy, “The Fall of Lilith”, starts with the rebellion by Lucifer and Lilith along with other angels against God.

In “Son of the Serpent” Dracul, who is Satan’s son, meets up with Lilith, the most evil of the fallen angels. Dracul seeks both goodness and vengeance.

“Rise of Gadreel” is the final story in the trilogy. The fight to defeat Satan is led by a former fallen angel, Gadreel, and her four comrades. Is Satan defeated? I will not spoil the ending.

The author’s three books are superbly written. Each character is described in such detail that it is easy for the reader to “know” and remember them. The scenes come alive and the reader is there in every fight, reunion of friends or family, and feels the sorrow, pain, and joy experienced by each character.

Five stars are not enough stars!


20 thoughts on “A TRILOGY THAT IS…

    1. Book covers are more important than most people realize. These covers for the trilogy are very well done. They spark the curiosity of the potential reader and, represent the essence of each story. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Harmony.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post, Karen! I’m ecstatic that you enjoyed the series. Thank you for reading and reviewing all three books! I appreciate you.♥️💯

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      1. As you had mentioned before, Karen, book covers are important because they give readers their first impression of your book. Thank you. 😀


  2. Thank you for showcasing Vashti and her incredible books. I’ve read the first two and look forward to reading the third. It’s an extraordinary series. 💗

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