Christmas Blessings & Memories

As is true for everyone, the pandemic changed the traditional Christmas celebrations. Today I am going to share some blessings and memories of Christmases past from which I learned important lessons.

My first memory of the magic walnuts was when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Each year a walnut hung by a red ribbon from the Christmas tree. There was one for my sister and one for me. When we opened the walnut shell, there was a crisply folded one-dollar bill! In the 1940s that was a lot of money. My grandfather watched us with a big smile.

LESSON: It is good for children to believe in magic. It is an opportunity for them to use their imaginations.

When I was 12, I sneaked a peek at a gift when no one was home. I was terribly disappointed to discover it was NOT a cashmere sweater. My mother discovered what I had done and the present disappeared from under the tree.

LESSON: Do not cheat or lie or sneak a peak. You will only hurt yourself and others.

Christmas 2020 has an uninvited guest: Covid-19 virus. Our annual trip to MN to spend a few days with family was canceled. Anger, disappointment, and tears were part of my private pity-party. I decided to put my “big-girl pants on” and celebrate this special holiday with love and gratefulness for all that I do have.

LESSON: Life is not perfect. Adapt and cope. Be a better person by reaching out to others who are not with their families, bake extra cookies, and send cards with meaningful messages.

I have been remiss in keeping up to date with my blog, supporting authors with tweets and reviews, and not commenting on blogs I follow. I have had two priorities that have taken my time away from the above: writing my fifth book and setting up my involvement with ovarian cancer awareness and fundraising more efficiently. I have made strides in both areas, but have more to do.

At a recent Zoom support group, we each shared a favorite Christmas memory. I invite you to do the same in the comment section. Wishing you each a blessed Christmas.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Blessings & Memories

  1. A favorite memory is going to look at the lights and decorations;) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy new year:) xo


    1. We drove around to see the lights when I was a kid. As a young mother, we went to downtown Minneapolis to see the special Xmas display in Dayton’s Department store. Thank you for sharing your memory.


    1. Thank you, Gwen, for the Xmas wishes. It was a quiet celebration with just hubby and me. We zoomed with our kids and grandkids so we were at least able to see them. Miss the hugs! Looking forward to 2021.


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