There are no other words that completely express what I feel each Thanksgiving Day: THANKS & GRATITUDE

                                       T: TIME
                                      H: HEALTH
                                      A: AGE
                                  N: NATURE
                                  K: KIDS
                                  S: SUNRISES
                                 G: GRANDCHILDREN
                                 R: RELATIONSHIPS
                                 A: ART
                                 T: TEACHERS
                                  I: INVENTIONS
                                 T: TRAVEL
                                 U: UNDERSTANDING
                                 D: DESIRE
                                 E: EACH OF YOU

I am thankful for each of you who have supported, followed, and encouraged me. Your friendship crosses over many miles, yet it is no less treasured. I pray that you will be blessed with thanks and gratitude every day, all year long.


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