FICTION IN A FLASH CHALLENGE #23 @pursoot #Writing Community #IARTG #ASMSG

My thanks to Suzanne Burke for this week’s fiction in a flash challenge. The photo prompt is beautiful and from it I was inspired to write the following Tanka poem.

I'm falling, falling
My fears hold me back from life
I'm trying, trying
To overcome and be free.

I'm praying, praying
Til fears are gone and I'm free
While angels guide me
To a life free from falling.

Like a waterfall
I now bring joy and beauty
To those who see me
Living life fully with love.

When you look at the photo prompt, what thoughts, emotions come to you? Does my poem speak to you in any special way? Have you experienced times of feeling lost and afraid? I welcome your comments.

I invite you to go to Suzanne Burke’s website and learn about this talented and award-winning author.

13 thoughts on “FICTION IN A FLASH CHALLENGE #23 @pursoot #Writing Community #IARTG #ASMSG

  1. Lovely, Karen. I commented on Soooz’ site earlier that so many of us feel like we are falling. Your response — truly beautiful. 💜


  2. You captured what we all strive to do and the place we want to live in. If only we can get rid of fears to overcome and be free then we can flow in life. Well said.


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